Is that Fey or Palin?

Tina Fey is cool but Palin is not so cool.
Check her out 'raising the roof'.
it inspired me to write a little som'tin som'tin...
my name is palin and baby i'm failin'
raisin the roof like i'm raisin concern
in a few weeks i'll be back on that stage
in a pageant with girls half my age

one kid in the war and one a teen mommy
SNL & tina already got one up on me
throwing out hate to reach for the votes
and right in my face you're all making jokes

she spent so much money to get fancy clothes
yet not she's not even stylish wherever she goes
her leading man is so fucking old
and comments she makes are so often so cold

she's got ol' dirty bush, ODB, on her side
but barry obama's taking them for a ride

my name is palin and baby she's failin'
written by me today