Vintage is the New Black

I rented the SATC movie for the weekend and I loved it. It's a real feel good episode and conclusion to a much loved show. I decided to take a peep at Carrie's assistant, in the movie Louise from St.Luis swears by the site. You can rent vintage and brand new accessories for a week, a month, or as long as your little heart desires. You can also view items featured in the Sex and the City movie. I haven't looked at the site for a while but they totally nave more stuff now that when I last looked at it. All products are 100% authentic and come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. The collection of vintage bags and jewelry are gorgeous. Looking at pricing, it looks like items start around $15/week and vintage stuff, my favorites, start around $150/week. There is also the option to 'steal' which means the item is available for purchase.

FYI: On the cover the French title translates to 'Sex & NY'. he he he