Red Bull times Three! Oh NO!

Cocaine Energy Drink Invades Europe

Now, at first glance people might have thought this is cool. MAYBE even myself. However, drinking too much Red Bull alone can cause many problems, now with the creation the creation of this Cocaine Energy drink. You can purchase an energy drink that is actually equivalent to three Red Bulls with Cinnamon, Ginger and Wasabi. I am sure it has QUITE a KICK. It is not being sold in Canada yet but is tearing up Europe and from my research is available in Texas.

In England, there is some opposition to bringing the product into the market, but Belgium, Luxembourg and Holland have accepted the new beverage. Whoa man!!

Interestingly enough, for anyone who doubted their true intestions or doubted the product name, the company is now offering scholarships for kids to go to school. I can see it now...."How'd you pay for school man, um Cocaine paid for it. dude " Click the Cocaine bottle to go directly to the website. The hype and the 'buzz' is certainly turning a few heads.

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