Don't Call Me!!

You called at dinner time my whole life, but now baby, you won't be calling me anymore!!
As you may or may not be aware, Canadian Radio-Television Broadcasting is creating a National Do Not Call List for Telemarketers. Heck yes!! You won't be able to avoid ALL calls, but most you will.

Who can still call you?
  • There are certain kinds of telemarketing calls and faxes that are exempt from the National DNCL, including those made by or on behalf of:
  • registered charities seeking donations
  • newspapers looking for subscriptions
  • political parties and their candidates, and
  • companies with whom you have an existing commercial relationship; for example, if you have done business with a company in the previous 18 months––such as a carpet-cleaning company––that company can call you.
Add your name & number to the list here starting tomorrow!