Do One Good, Daily!!!!

Giving is it's own gift.

I truly believe that one you have given, whether time, energy, money or anything, you have already received. The joy in giving really effects my life and I try each day to put more positive energy into the world through the things that I do.

Some friends of mine have been working on a really amazing global project called the Daily Challenge. It is all about bringing together a global consciousness of people who actively do one good thing each day for themselves, someone else, the environment, or the world. There are a few celebrity guests involved in the project including Deepak Chopra and others. I'm helping to get more and more people on board as it is truly something I believe can change the world. If enough people put their energy into the same thoughts, those thoughts will become things and we will feel change begin to take place.
Click the screenshot of the website above to get involved!!
♥ Love & Light xoxo


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the love and support Casie! We are really exciting about this project and want as many people to get involved as possible.

Do you or your blog readers have any ideas for possible challenges?

We would love to hear them!