Cool down, down, don't act a fool now now....

OMG - The World's First ANTI-ENERGY Drink....this is what my boyfriend would give me when he wants to relax! He'll say "chill baby, have this" and VOILA, leaning back on the couch all mellowed out.Its carbonated Grape and Melatonin that goes great with Vodka!

From the Press Release: "From design to production, every aspect of this calming drink was inspired by today’s popular hip hop artists who embrace the much sought-after hip hop lifestyle that encourages people to capture a stress-free state of mind."

"Turns out, this is a carbonated, grape-flavored beverage spiked with melatonin, valerian root and rose hips. Apparently it is "very, very popular in Houston," and it's sold throughout the south in liquor and convenience stores."

The article goes on to say its great with Vodka!! YAHOOOO!
Drinky, drinky, sleep sleep......

"So, does it make you sleepy? I asked the publicist. Yes, and she hears it's good with vodka. Oh, something that makes it more likely I'll fall asleep while drinking? Excellent."